About Me

A picture of Claire McCully

I live in the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains and have four daughters and two sons. I first moved to this side of the mountains and settled into the small town of Markleeville, California. Since then I've lived in Gardnerville and South Lake Tahoe.

In college, I studied English literature and creative writing because I liked telling stories. I most likely inherited this trait from my grandfather who enjoyed telling his grandchildren tall tales of his adventures as a hunter and outdoorsman. My father was also fond of reading to his children and this became a family tradition. Together, we explored the imaginations of Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien, and C.S. Lewis (among others).

Recently I've become ever more curious about history as well as literature, and have started an extensive exploration of United States history, making an effort to read a biography on every US president in chronological order.

Some Further Notes on my Education and Experience:

  • B.A. English Literature
  • M.F.A. Creative Writing
  • Publications:
    • Thesis: A Net of Sunlight (poems)
    • Traherne, Freud, and Monotheism (21st California Research Symposium)
    • Surviving the Pressures of Postmodernism (2000 McNair Symposium)
    • The Value of Fridays (The Gold Coast Review 2000)

I also worked as a CDF fire fighter for five seasons and spent some time developing my research skills working in public libraries among all those wonderful books. As perversely evil as it may sound to some of you, I appreciate technology and I have worked as a webmaster and a web page designer. The latest book that I have really enjoyed: Tim O'Brien's In the Lake of the Woods. Favorite authors: Ray Bradbury, Steven Millhauser, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Larry Levis (to name a few).