About Me

I live in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains and love spending time with my two sons. Here is a short outline of my professional experience and some of my personal interests.


B.A. English Literature
M.F.A. Creative writing



  • Publications:
    Thesis: A Net of Sunlight (poems)
    Traherne, Freud, and Monotheism (21st California Research Symposium)
    Surviving the Pressures of Postmodernism (2000 McNair Symposium)
    The Value of Fridays (The Gold Coast Review 2000)

    Teaching Experience

    • California State University, Fresno Teaching Associate (1999-2001)
      English A (Remedial English), English 1 (Freshman Composition), English 41 (Beginning Poetry Writing)
    • Western Nevada Community College (2002-2013)
      English 95, English 101 (Composition I), English 102 (Composition II), English 205 (Creative Writing), English 221 (Fiction Writing)
  • Some Favorite Authors: Ray Bradbury, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Larry Levis, Steven Millhauser, Steve Yarbrough, Charles Hanzlicek, Liza Wieland, Connie Hales, Sebastian Junger, Emily Dickinson